MakerSpace Magazine

On a recent trip to the states, I dropped into Barnes and Noble to see if there were any interest magazines. And I was not disappointed. As well as finding a copy of Machinist’s Workshop with a differential chain hoist, there was a new magazine “MakerSpace”.

At just under 100 pages there is quite a lot of content. It is split into 4 sections, Project, Recycling & Conservation, Home Automation sand Retro Computing & FPGA. In each of these there is quite a variety too.

For projects there are audio, light, networking and sensors. Not surprisingly there are several Raspberry Pi projects but also Beaglebone Black, ESP8266 and ESP32. The instructions are clear and include details of why you are making the changes as well as what.

The recycling section looks at different ways of reusing old hardware and an experimental battery. Like the project section these have clear details.

The home automation section is quite sophisticated with projects on OpenPLC, controlling power to USB and monitoring CO²

The last section on retro computing has a good mix of gaming, emulation and looking at hardware.

So all in all a good magazine and I look forward to seeing what it has in future.

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