As cunning as a fox who’s just graduated from Oxford University with a degree in cunning

We’ve recently added a kitten to our household. I knew it would be clever and get into any space we didn’t want it to, but I underestimated how clever.

Our coffee table has a drawer in it. The drawer is a tangle of wires and other things we don’t want to keep on show. It already has a simple bolt on it from when my daughter was a toddler, so you can’t open the drawer unless you unlock it. However, I’d not appreciated that a kitten wouldn’t attack this from the front but from the side. Within 2 minutes of it discovering the drawer, it had climbed inside and refused to come out. With some rapid emptying of the content and gentle coaxing he was removed and we put the drawer to one side whilst we worked out a plan of action.

Whilst he waited for the drawer to be returned, we distracted him with a delivery from Amazon.

The gaps at the sides of the drawer were blocked up by screwing some panels of MDF to the runners and the back was blocked up with a block of wood screwed to the underside.

I think this will keep him out but I doubt this will be the last furniture modification that will have to be done.

2 thoughts on “As cunning as a fox who’s just graduated from Oxford University with a degree in cunning

  1. Woody says:

    As someone who lives with several cats and has done so for the last 32 years the dream of a show house is just that, a dream! The abilities of cats to find anything and everything that you don’t want them to is legendary! Their further ability to hear the slightest noise related to food even when asleep or upstairs is unbelievable. The use of any item other then the scratching post to sharpen their claws is something you just have to accept. However I would never be without them!I am sure your kittens antics will entertain and provide some interesting problem solving opportunities many of which will require workshop solutions!

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