I've been lucky enough to interview a selection of people about the kinds of things they make and their workshops. Just regular people with interesting workshops, professions or hobbies have taken time to chat about their tools and projects. The interviews were all conducted over email as a collaboration between myself and the makers, repairers and artists. The interviews are a friendly chat to find out what people are making, how they are made and of course how their workshops are setup. If you would like to be interviewed then please get in contact.

Gatergrotto MetalWorks – Sculpture from reclaimed materials

Gatergrotto MetalWorks - Sculpture from reclaimed materials

This week, I got a chance to quiz Tim Adams from Gatergrotto Metal Works. Tim is a self motivated artist working with metal, rock and salvaged parts. He uses a mixture of tools and techniques from his “redneck forge” for

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Destructo Iron Works

Destructo Iron Works

I’ve been following twitter for some months now and have met some interesting metal workers and welders on there. One of them Chris from Destructo Iron Works has spared the time for an interview. Workshopshed: Hi Chris, can you tell

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