Dragon Detector

An electronics project to build a device that detects dragons and alerts the knights to spring into action.

The project was entered in the Qualcomm Maker Month Contest 2016 and was featured on their Developer of the Month blog.
The detector is activated by a passive infrared detector which activates the webcam to take a picture. The webcam image is passed to a computer vision library called OpenCV which determines if a Dragon has been detected. The defences in the form of lights and motion are activated and the operator is notified using the IFTTT maker API. The brain of the device is the DragonBoard410C running a Linux operating system, the control code is written in Python with libraries for the GPIO access.

Code for the project is on GitHub
Details of the electronics can be found at Element14
The mechanical aspects and enhancements are detailed here.

Gnomes and Dragons

Gnomes and Dragons

Gnomes Last weekend was the Gnome Street Gnome workshop. The setup of the Pi took some time but we eventually got going and had some success with the sensors and audio output controlled by Node-Red. There was some great feedback

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