A small wooden stool that was made from the posts of a 4 poster bed. It took a couple of attempts to complete this and plenty of things were learnt along the way.

Footstool Finishing

Footstool repaired

Over the last few weeks I put the footstool back together. After a good amount of sanding, I used oak coloured wax to stain the wood for the new side panels. The PVA/sawdust filler did not take this stain so

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Footstool Revisited

Footstool Revisited

Back in 2016 I made a footstool from some reclaimed parts. Unfortunately it got broken relatively quickly and my wife complained that the underlay I’d used instead of foam was uncomfortable. So it got relegated to the back of the

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A handmade footstool

A handmade footstool

A few years ago my daughter inherited a “big bed” from her Great Aunt and we set it up in her room. Last year she told us that she did not like the big bars over the ends so as

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