Bending jig

Bending jig

The other week I had an idea regards bending stainless steel sheet to form a cone shape. To help this process along I’ve made a former from some heavy steel bar. It was made from 8mm bar heated on the

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Made Simple – Made Easy

Made Simple - Made Easy

“A selection of gadgets to assist the Model Engineer” by H. Maurice Turnbull This book was first published last year and is a large format booklet style publication of just 50 or so pages with a good clear selection of

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Guest Blog – Bending and jigs

Guest Blog - Bending and jigs

Today’s blog entry is a guest article from Alan Ross who I interviewed earlier this year. Alan Ross: I had to braze up a large CD rack frame , so I took the opportunity of photographing the process. This is

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More grinding

I’ve been sent a couple of useful links on grinder jigs that you can make. Gadget builder – Tinker Lautard – Tinker Tool and Cutter Grinding Jig There’s also a useful book in the Workshop Practice Series, called Tool and

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