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When I was an apprentice at Dowty we were sent to Stroud College to learn some specialist skills and complete an electronics project. We decided to build a tracking solar panel that followed the sun. For this, we needed a framework to support our mocked up panel. So I temporarily joined the metal work class and watched the demonstration of lots of different types of welding. I also learnt how to braze using Oxy-Acetylene. I practiced this on the framework for the tracker.

More recently I attended an evening class at Chelsea College of Art and Design where I built a giant flea sculpture using MIG welding.

After doing some research I bought a small DC TIG welder from R-Tech Welding who I also use for welding supplies. The reason for picking this is that it’s has less sparks so is safer for my small workshop and can be used on a wide variety of sizes of steel. I did not need to use the welder in a lot of different places so transporting the argon tank is not an issue. I have used this welder for variety welding projects in my workshop shed which you can see listed below. If you use MIG or TIG then I can definitely recommend getting a large refillable gas canister (in my case argon) as the small disposable canisters will run out quickly and it will become expensive very quickly. I found that even for a quick project such as my Obelisks that required multiple canisters.

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