The Workshopshed is a workshop located in a shed. It is mostly occupied by Andy who writes about the things he makes and repairs in there along with improvements and repairs to the shed itself.

The Blog

First Blog Article from 2008The Workshopshed website is a blog and collection of pages with details of the things that have been made or repaired in the Workshopshed.

Topics include thoughts on setting up and using a small shed as a workshop, using and improving metalwork tools such as a pillar drill and small lathe, home foundry work melting aluminium in a flowerpot furnace.  Making projects also include 3D printing and electronics, and the things repaired range from toys to cars. You will also see reports of mechanical or technical items of interest that have been spotted along the way and there are plenty of links to other people who do similar things.

The blog has been running since the beginning of 2008, the website is run as a hobby. Please contact the Workshopshed if you find any errors or have any questions.


Hopefully readers are people like yourself, the blog is written for makers, model engineers, home metal shop, tinkerers, bodgers, DIY enthusiasts, fixers, metal artists, welders, casting enthusiasts (metal not actors), Steam Punks and people who are just creative or want to be. Even if you are not on that list, I’m sure you will find something of interest.


Warning! These things can be dangerousMachining and casting in particular are dangerous and caution should be used when reproducing any of the activities mentioned on this site.
Some of the articles may be written by or have contributions from a third party and any opinions given in those are their own as are those given in the linked sites. Given the temporal nature of a blog, links and information may be out of date by the time you read it.

Your safety is your own responsibility!

About Andy

Andy in the Workshopshed

Andy in the Workshopshed

Although I work in an office in the daytime, I am not without some background in the topics mentioned on the site. After some basic metal and woodwork at school, I then learnt machining, CAD and drawing in Cheltenham with the aerospace company Dowty. After having not done any machining for some years, I started up again early 2008 when I bought a new house and inherited the Workshopshed.

I have been soldering circuit boards since small and learnt gas brazing during a short course at Stroud College in the 1990s. I used both of these techniques when creating the “flea chariot”.

In 2009 I spent my long service bonus on an artist welding course at Chelsea College of Art & Design where I learnt MIG welding and created a metal sculpture. I’m now learning TIG welding by practicing and some help from the forums. Have been experimenting with casting aluminium, the results are getting a little better each time.


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The Workshopshed would like to get in contact with people with workshops or interesting projects to participate in Workshopshed interviews.