Repairing items is a lot more environmentally friendly than replacing them, you can also learn lots about your items and also repairing things yourself can save you lots of money. Here are some articles about things that have been repaired in the shed

Fork ‘andles

Fork 'andles

At the weekend I planned to work on the 3D printer case but I was thwarted by the fact my bench was full. After a bit of a tidy, I realised that there were a few little projects that had

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Printer and Shower Repair

Printer and Shower Repair

Thanks to Devil Printers and a few Ebay sales, I’ve a replacement for the trashed 3D printer head that I destroyed a few weeks back. Thanks to Cel’s headlock design, it’s a really simple job to swap the head so the new

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A pig’s ear

A pig's ear

Pig’s Ear noun the ear of a wild or domestic swine something that has been badly or clumsily done; a botched job (esp in the phrase make a pig’s ear of something)) a traditional style of handrail (that’s difficult to

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Oven fixing

Oven fixing

Just over a couple of years ago our oven gave up and I popped down the local Magnet to get a replacement. The oven is simply plugged into a socket on the wall so the installation is a simple as

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Removing sealant

Sealant is not a material I like. It has great water repelling properties but it’s a pain to install. It’s also pretty annoying if you need to remove it. For the bathroom refit we wanted to re-use the door of

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