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About the shed

The Workshopshed is a small green shed that was there when I moved into the house, to be honest it was one of the reasons we picked the house. It’s appears to be a self built shed with a timber frame and a combination of tongue and grove and shiplap planking. I’ve converted it into a workshop but it’s an ongoing project with small improvements each year.

A view of the Workshopshed

A view of the Workshopshed

The last owner had partly changed it to an office. Previous owner but one liked painting things green so he’s responsible for the colour of the shed and fence. The owner before that was an artist and used the shed as her artist studio.

There are built-in cupboards down one side and two metal shelving units bolted to one wall. I’ve added some hooks to the walls and in the cupboards.

Changes and customisation

  1. First change was to add the path and extended the slabs in front of the workshop so there is room to work outside.
  2. Added power, made workbench and drill table in 2008. It now has a lantern with a sensor so that you can see to get in at night.
  3. Reclad the side, added cupboard, shelf and another storage drawer in 2009.
  4. Added ventilation vents to the side of the shed to help with welding and brazing fumes 2010 along with storage for the furnace
  5. The shed originally had a corrugated clear PVC roof. This had clouded and become brittle by the time I owned it. In 2011 the roof was stripped off and replaced with a dual skinned wooden roof with insulation topped with a couple of layers of roofing felt. A large multiwall polycarbonate sheet was used to provide light.
  6. A small enhancement in 2012 in that guttering and a water butt was added down one side
  7. Repair to the flashing on the bottom of the roof light


  • Structure: Wooden frame with tongue and groove cladding
  • Roof: OSB, Roofing Felt, Polycarbonate
  • Base: Concrete
  • Age: At least 8 years old
  • Size: 2.9m wide x 3m long x 2.5m high in the middle.
  • Colour: Forest Green

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