Day Tickets

Day Tickets is a new kind of planner from Lauren and Andy Clark. It allows you to plan your life i.e. that bit before and after work. Each ticket includes space for your timed activities as well as your overall objectives for the day.

Workshopshed: Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed, from watching your video, I can see that you are the kind of people who would use day tickets but who else would benefit from using them?

Andy Clark: The Day Tickets are an advantage to anybody who has a busy daily schedule with work or school but wants to get more out of their non-work time. We focus on the hours outside of 9-5 that times considered a write off. Most of us work to pay the bills and dream of a real passion in our lives but struggle to find the time to make these a reality.

Workshopshed: What about Makers and shed based engineers, how would it help them?

Andy Clark: The Day Tickets allow you plan and allocate time to your passions without the distraction of day job tasks creeping in. You can remove the Day Tickets from the planner and pin them on the wall, to make it easy to work through as a task list. As well as being able to schedule time based tasks so you can estimate how long something will take. Then plan it out of a series of tickets.

Workshopshed: Why did you choose a physical over a software solution?

Andy Clark: There is something about writing down your thoughts that for us anyway helps bring them to life. When on paper they take up space and become physical. In an app it feels more like your filing it for safe keeping, that said I am 100% addicted to evernote.

When you are working to follow your passions it helps you to feel like you are making progress. Getting ideas out of your head and down on paper always feels like you’ve freed up space for more ideas and to keep moving forward.

Workshopshed: I agree with that, I think writing something down can help re-enforce and clarify your ideas. How important to you is it that the materials are sustainably sourced?

Andy Clark: Very important. We don’t want to be be creating stuff for the sake of creating. We want to not only be using recycled materials but we want to make sure that when our products have been used they can recycled and returned in to the process.

There are so many disposable products that are produced in a way that don’t follow these ideals, that we feel we must work to ensure that we don’t add to this.

Workshopshed: What happens after the Kickstarter is funded?

Andy Clark: Once the kickstarter is funded we will put the Day Ticket in to production and get the Day Tickets out to a wider audience. Our mission is to help people to follow their passions through our products. We are working on follow up products that we hope will expand on this.

Workshopshed: There must be many people who can benefit from this idea and there are some other useful rewards in your Kickstarter project. Thanks again for the interview and I look forward to seeing this any your other ideas becoming a success.

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