To finish off the Topsy Turvy Clock I wanted to add a tag or sign on the back so that people would know when it was made and by who. I initially thought of a stainless steel or brass metal tag with stamped letters. However, I then spotted some two part plastic signs in a shoe repair shop in a supermarket I thought that would be much better solution. The chap gave me an estimate but I thought I’d see if I could get a better deal on the internet.

I found Sign-O-Matic via google and quickly designed my label on my phone. The website automatically adjusts to your screen size so it was very easy to use even on a tiny phone screen. I did swap to the desktop to create the screenshot below.

Once you’ve entered your sign details the preview even includes the dimensions so you know how big the result will be. Alternatively you can enter your own size requirements.

There’s a wide range of materials to choose, from aluminium to wood so making a professional sign, badge or even vinyl banner. You can even add your own logo such as in my example above.

As you can see my resulting name plate came out fantastically.

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