The metalwork of Marseille

Marseille is a city rich in history, it is also a city rich in metal.

Ironwork is prolific around the streets from the grand balcoynied boulevards to the smallest of passageways, metal is everywhere.

On the lower floors iron is used for security on doors and windows but the designs are still very elegant and varied.

There is a consistent theme to the municipal metal with the same design being used to separate pedestrians from cars and for bicycle racks.

The decorative metal is also put to a more controversial use to stop homeless people from sleeping in door ways.

There is good use of metal in the modern buildings.

This combination is part of a school.

I spotted a fantastic metalworking shop nestled in the narrow streets near to Place de Lenche. The owner was in the back grinding some metal.

Atilier Metal makes lamps and furniture from recycled parts. I recommend visiting before dropping into one of the many bars and restaurants around the square.

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  1. Talitha Hidy says:

    Thanks for sharing. Great detail in the images. Keep up the awesome work.

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