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There were some toxic comments going around the internet during the lockdown about how that if you’d not managed to spin up a business or learn something new that you were some kind of failure. And that got me thinking as to if people think about the impact of their comments before submitting them. And I wondered if I could make something that would help.

After talking to some people at Element 14 about the idea they invited me to join their Video Content Providers team and I set about filming.

Whilst building a device that could analyse your text as you type, I did manage to learn a few things. I thought the USB part of that would be simple but many hours were spent trying to get the USB Host to co-operate. The machine learning also provided challenges, processing the data is a big part of training the models and there is a wide range of different libraries and techniques. But the googlie eyes worked just as I expected.

For more information visit the project home page – Episode 453 build an anti-troll-bot using tensorflow and arduino

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