Triwizard Wand Rack

On our last family visit to London, we stumbled across an alleyway full of interesting shops including one selling wands and other wizarding equipment. So the three of us bought a wand each. Needing somewhere to keep the wands, the obvious choice was to make a wand rack.

The first step was to glue together some more of that offcut floorboard from the step project. That was clamped to the table for carving. I had looked at reshaping the edges to a shield or other shape but settled on a Celtic knot design in two of the corners.

The design was transferred onto the wood using a sharp knife. This was traced to give a pencil outline.

I did try carving the outline with a chisel but soon gave up, the softwood just split and splintered. So I swapped to a dremel using a sanding drum to carve out the basic shape. And then a grinding tool to crispen up the corners and edges.

The fact that the second tool had burnt the wood gave me an idea, I could char the wood to give better contrast. Once the wood was charred, I sanded it back with a mouse sander. I then gave it a coat of medium oak varnish.

The last step was to screw in the hooks. I had chosen three different styles of hook to represent the different styles of the wizards. I’ll add some eyelets to the back so it can be hung on the wall.

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