Dave Denker’s Metalworking

Retired sheetmetal fabricator David Denker from Minnesota got into machining in 2003 when he bought a mini-lathe. He also decided to build a mini milling machine from spare parts and custom made components.

Since then he’s been thinking up improvements to his equipment and has completed many metal working projects including:

Low Speed Addition
Gear Plate Change
Tailstock Change
Ball and radius cutting
Indexing head
Bottom up knurling tool


One thought on “Dave Denker’s Metalworking

  1. VeXeD says:

    I recently took up Metalworking as a hobby and I realized that there’s a severe shortage of quality metalworking plans for the new lathe or mill owner. One site I found that seems pretty good was http://www.projectsinmetal.com – it has several free plans in PDF format that are free to download. If you’re just getting started in metalworking it’s worth a look.

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