Axminster Cross Vice – Unboxing and review

Axminster Cross Vice - Unboxing and review

Thanks to an Axminster Gift token I’ve treated myself to a small cross-vice. I plan to use it for drilling holes accurately and for light milling. A drill press should not really be used for milling as sideways pressure will

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Dave Denker’s Metalworking

Dave Denker's Metalworking

Retired sheetmetal fabricator David Denker from Minnesota got into machining in 2003 when he bought a mini-lathe. He also decided to build a mini milling machine from spare parts and custom made components. Since then he’s been thinking up improvements

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Cross Vice vs Compound Table

Cross Vice vs Compound Table

Since starting on the T-Nuts, I’ve been thinking of better ways to make these. My main issues are the time it takes to do the filing and that it’s difficult to get the nut exactly square and to the right

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