Miniature Engineering

In the process of looking for information about making my flea circus chariot I’ve tracked down a few other people who like to make small things. Charlotte and Martin Willmott made the papers recently with their models of tiny kitchen tables laden with food.

Charlotte and Martin Willmott's Tiny Table in the Telegraph 28 October 2008

Laurence and Angela St Leger makes miniature automata approximately 1 inch tall powered by the pull of an almost invisible wire or a tiny crank.

Tiny Executioner by Laurence and Angela St Leger

Award winning model engineer Cherry Hill makes some very small components for her 1:16 scale working traction engines. Often this requires making tools that in themselves are smaller than a 20p coin. Details of her workshop can be seen in the Model Engineers Workshop Special Autumn 2008.

Worm and pinion gear made by Cherry Hill

Other Suppliers of Miniature items

Tools for miniature modelling

Clock Makers

A range of computer microscopes

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