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One of my work colleagues mentioned that he had a “arc welder” that he’d bought because he’d like to be able to weld. Perhaps he’d been watching flashdance that week or perhaps he’d had more charitable thoughts on his mind?

Helping People in Peru by Welding

I did see a nice project of an Armillary Sphere in the Machinst’s Workshop magazine Feb/March 2008 that would also require you to have a slip rolling machine to form the metal strips into the circles required for this project. Machinst’s Workshop magazine is from the USA but can be bought via importers such as Camden Steam or via subscription.

Unfortunately this issue is common with a lot of welding projects in that you need quite a bit of other tools to complete them. Some essentials would be welding clamps and safety gear such as gloves and a mask. You might be able to manage small fabrication projects using iron wire to hold the parts together rather than using clamps.

My colleague also mentioned that he’d be interested in something ornamental for the garden. Perhaps a weather vane might be a good starter project?

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Welding Projects

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  3. Before performing the work it is important to know and familiarize the types of welding equipment that you want to use.

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