Minidrills and Smaller Cutoff disks

Over on Mike’s Models there’s a good review of the Dremel Speedclic system which is worth reading for anyone considering buying that.

I’ve an old minicraft drill that’s sill working after many years but I do sometimes need new consumables. I’ve found that the Dremel stuff is very expensive so usually get the Proxxon kit instead so it will be good to see if Mike’s experiences are positive. You can also get some bargains for minidrill accessories at Maplin and Arc Eurotrade. When I bought my lathe, the first project was to make a mini cutoff disk mandrel as I’d broken the one that origionally came with the minicraft.

I watched the following welding video earlier this week, it has some interesting techniques mentioned for forming patterns on metal using a grinder and colouration using a gas torch.

One thing that caught my eye was a chap using a 50mm cutoff disk, I can see that this would make a good alternative to the extremes of a 115mm disk on the angle grinder or the tiny 20mm ones of the mini-drill.

I did a bit of research and discovered that Proxxon do a long next grinder that takes smaller disks. I also found an alternative supplier who does a good range of grinding disks including those of a smaller diameter. I do have a spare guard for my angle grinder so could potentially get that setup for a smaller disk without having to purchase a whole new grinder. I’ll have to check the measurements including the spindle diameter which is critical or the disk could fly off or shatter.

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