Book Review – Performance Welding Handbook

I bought this book to find out if I wanted to buy a TIG or a MIG welder for my model engineering workshop, it answered that question and a lot more.

The book is intended for people aiming to build or repair light aircraft or performance/race cars and bikes. Author Richard Finch is well qualified to write such a book as he is a certified welder and has consulted for NASA. He has filled the book with photos of the equipment, joints and techniques, the writing is clear and first person making you feel like you are just having a chat with this expert welder.

Welding a boat

This is an excellent book for reference as the pages are colour coded by chapter so that you can quickly flick to a chapter from the back cover. The first couple of chapters look at different types of welding equipment and what to look for when buying them. The next are fitting and jigging including special techniques such as cutting a fishmouth in a tube.

Welded joint with tubing

Each of the next six chapters describe welding with different materials and equipment; TIG welding 4130 steel tubing, TIG welding aluminium and magnesium, MIG welding steel and stainless steel, MIG welding aluminium and magnesium, Gas welding steel and stainless steel, Gas welding aluminium. The book finishes off with plasma cutting and shop safety.

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