Workshop sheds

In celebration of shed week, I’ve trawled through flickr to show you these great pictures of working sheds.

Engine Shed – Loughborough

John’s Organised Chaos

Poetical Workshop


Luke Welding

Old Glory by Jen Smith
Old Glory by Jen Smith

Dad’s toolbox

One thought on “Workshop sheds

  1. Robbie Burns says:

    I’m loving the workshop shed. My own ‘summerhouse’ is filled with household junk but is due to be rebuilt as an outside office/work space. One thing that is sometimes missed in a workshop build is some security. UK company EMM-Tek Ltd has developed a GSM alarm and control box based on mobile phone technology.

    It will text you if a sensor is triggered or you can control heating/cooling and electrical systems by text message (it has two relays built in).

    This is all UK designed and built product too.

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