Workshop Electrics Basics

After a few comments from various readers about the complexity of my previous thoughts on workshop electrics I agreed to write an article for the shed blog for the readersheds National Shed Week. The article gets back to the basics of a workshop electricity supply from preparation and planning, to digging a trench to the installation of the electrics.

3 thoughts on “Workshop Electrics Basics

  1. alan b says:

    Seems overly complicated when you could go with an old fashioned lash up?

  2. I did origionally have a lashup provided by the previous owners of the house. A piece of cooker cable was plugged into a socket in the house and strung along the fence. This proved very inconvenient as it was shared with the tubledrier. The fence is due to falldown / be taken down so the cable would have had to move at some point. For a couple of days effort I now have a permanant, safe and reliable connection to the workshop that does not get turned off when the clothes need drying.

  3. alan b says:

    ah ha. Think I’d have disconnected the tubledrier and given priority to the shed. Would save electricity too.

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