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Just incase you had any doubts that the Germans were excellent engineers, here’s the Metal Model Building Website.

I stumbled upon this fanstatic site via Achim’s Mini-Bonell-II a “sitting room” universal grinding machine and thanks to the wonders of Google Translate managed to read how it was made. The article has detailed 3D cad models and discusses the design decisions for the project, some of the tooling needed and choice of materials.

There are some excellent features to this design. The dials have verneer scales to allow for accurate positioning of the angles and a toothed belt is used to cotrol the horizontal position.

There are a wide range of other articles on the site such as a toolpost milling spidle, a small IC engine, making a cutter for cutting gear wheels and one of my favourites, some enhacements to a cheap drill press entitiled “Pimp the chinese drill

Update: Here’s a link to another Bonelle grinder

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  2. Thomas wiesgigl says:

    Please can you sent me the 3d model

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