More Welding apps for your phone

Someone pointed out that there is a special offer on the Android market for apps today, they are priced at just 10p.

I did a quick search for welding and found the following two free apps (so that’s 20p saved).

The Miller Weld Calculator provides you with the appropriate parameters for setting your current, gas and weld speed dependant on the type of welding, material and thickness.

Welding free from T2R is a phone based welding simulator, it currently supports just arc welding and is basically a test of weld speed and position. It’s an interesting idea but I’m not sure how realistic it is given that you use your finger rather than a welding rod. Once you’ve completed your weld you then get to chip the slag off with a hammer and brush it down with a wire brush. I’m not sure of you get marked down for using the same brush for different metals?

2 thoughts on “More Welding apps for your phone

  1. Another interesting app I found via twitter, iScrap App

  2. I love seeing examples like this where apps are being used to help the world whether it be through providing information or physically aiding in a task. There are tons of apps that help me on a day to day basis. It makes me so happy that I live in these times where we have so many tools to make work that was hard in the past so much easier.

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