Environmental Monitoring With Arduino

Since Harold Hall sent through his thoughts on rust, I’ve been thinking about monitoring temperature and humidity in the workshop which in turn will allow me to work out what I can do to improve conditions in there. I already have a simple device that tells me the current temperature but that requires me to actually be in the shed to read it.

I’ve been reading on the web about data loggers, sensors and the “internet of things” and recently stumbled upon a book that contains pretty much everything I need to know.

Environmental Monitoring With Arduino by Emily Gertz and Patrick DiJusto

This is a short book but it has a good range of ideas and projects. Critically it has interfacing to a useful temperature and humidity sensor the DHT22 and connecting the arduino to the network. It also looks at uploading your data to Pachube (which is now Cosm), this provides a range of tools that allow you to record, view and graph your data.

The projects in the book are well designed and include staged builds that allow you to test your components and wiring along the way. The book assumes very little prior knowlege so if you’ve built other arduino projects and are proficient in coding and electronics you might find it a bit basic. I bought the book on kindle and for the time it will save me having to work out which libraries and components to use it’s well worth the money.

3 thoughts on “Environmental Monitoring With Arduino

  1. sebastian says:

    Thanks for the information , I have issues with storing as sometimes the conditions are not good to keep things in storage for a long time , i have come up with something that has helped with clothes and blankets theay are called vacumm storage bags

    thanks for the review

  2. Neil Maycock says:

    Great piece of Kit Andy!. Like you said having a temperature gauge in your shed is great but with the t’internet you don’t have to be constantly checking and look at the data at a later stage.

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