Crossness Pumping Station Visit

Back in September 2011 Martin visited the Crossness Pumping Station, built by Sir Joseph Bazalgette and officially opened by the Prince of Wales in April 1865.

Open Today

Martin Evans: This was the Victorian’s solution to London’s sewage problem. The basic idea of the place was to allow all of the sewage from central London to flow down to these pumps, where it would all by pumped back up to the surface to allow it to be treated before being allowed to flow into the Thames.

Crossness Pumping Station

You start in an entrance hall where they have a few small miscellaneous engines/models from enthusiasts before moving into the pumping building. The pump building is on two floors, the first floor is definitely off limits to anyone with high heels (its holey).

There are a couple of un-restored buildings to the side. One of them is used for carrying out all of the restoration work and holds an impressive array of tools and machines. The ultimate workshop shed.

They are still actively restoring the pumps. I think they aim to leave one or two unrestored so you can see a before and after.

More details and opening times at Crossness Pumping Station website.

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