Workshop Preparation

In preparation for the Raspberry Pi workshop at the end of the month I’ve been experimenting with the Raspberry Pi and simple hardware.

So far I’ve had success with:

  • LED
  • Micro switch
  • Tilt switch
  • Servo
  • Motor via H-Bridge

I’ve also pre-wired the LEDs and switches so that they can be simply plugged in, an idea from Simon Monk’s Squid

Switches LEDs

The servo testers are interesting, the automatic motion is quite quick but it only moves 90 degrees. The dial based motion is similar. I’ve still to try out the RGB LED and stepper motor. It would be also good to get some more sensors but I don’t have much in the spares drawer for that.

I’ve also been putting together some cut outs based on old Victorian toys, my “Jumping Gnome” comes in male and female versions and I’ll post up the PDFs once they are finalised.

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