Upcycle It Design Challenge

Interactive Race Car Driver

The Element14 Design challenge has come to an end and I’ve submitted my final report, The Checkered Flag. I’ve also created a test video for the car.

The other competitors have also completed their reports. Here’s my favourite projects:

Funeka – The Skull

Sakthivigneshwar has taken a plastic skull and added servos, lights, EL wires and an audio card. It now listens for commands and can respond with voice. The eyes can track motion using a heat sensor. It’s a great fun project.

Funeka – The Skull – Project

Nixie Display

Gerrit’s project uses an old Nixie display and uses the Edison to add IOT connectivity so it can display the temperature and page likes. It uses BlueTooth to drive an external speaker. Gerrit’s project is very professionally done with PCBs that slot into the old CMOS logic chip sockets.

Nixie Display – Project

Upcycled Clock

Carmelito’s project is another professional looking result. He’s taken a clock and added 3D printed parts and LEDs to provide a status reporting system that can tell him about the traffic, emails and weather. The 3D panels have been printed with a wood style filament and the then stained the blend nicely with the clock face.

Upcycled Clock – Project

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  1. […] be printing that in a translucent filament that I’ve previously used for the lights on the Upcycle It Design Challenge […]

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