Replacement Step

The room we are making into a cinema room used to be an office. It had a weird platform jutting out into the room. It wasn’t very practical and took a valuable space from the room. We stripped it back hoping to find something like some nicer steps underneath but there was nothing.

After stripping back the first thing was to build up the frames for the new steps. We decided to make the lower step wider so that it formed more of an entrance.

The top of the step was build using some tongue and groove floorboards, the top step needed some spacing to make it level with the next room so some 6mm MDF sheet was put down first. To provide a bit of detail, the corner of the front plank was rounded off.

The hardest part of the project was replacing the laminate flooring. Retrospectively I think I would have put that back down before building the step as I had to take the front plank back off to allow me to fit some of the longer boards in place. There were some gaps in the planks so I mixed filler with some woodstain to get a colour match. To finish the plan is to clad the front with some more MDF and to stain the wood a darker colour to match the other wood in the room.

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