Creating an N-Gauge Pub sign part 2

Continued from Creating an N-gauge pub sign

When it came to printing out the sign, I printed 2 at once. This meant that if one failed I’d have a backup but it also helps with cooling small parts as the printer head is not always in the same place. One of the prints came out better than the other so I am glad I took this approach. There was a little bit of clean up to do but otherwise, the print came out ok. At this size, it is a little hard to tell if the hanging object is a cauldron or a teapot but both work ok with the text.

To print the text on the sign I used the editing software GIMP. The trick here is to keep the image at a large resolution and only scale it for printing. The print size menu option allows you to have a small print with a large DPI. The allows you to retain all the detail of the print, most modern printers are quite capable of printing this small.

I’ll use the same printing technique for the signs above the shops, backdrop and interiors.

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