KiCAD-GPT is here

I’ve been experimenting with a Beta version of KiCAD that adds an AI based interface to the a popular electronics design application.

It has been trained on example circuits found in datasheets, old magazines and discussion forums. Rather than needing to manually design circuits, its easy to use text based interface allows you to simply request the circuit you desire. So I put it to work creating the classic “hello world” of the electronics world, the blinking LED.

The results were quite remarkable, a fully operational circuit was created in response to a simple prompt. I have quite an old PC with an i3 processor and it took about 4 hours to compute the new circuit. But with a newer processor you should see better performance. And it did take a few attempts to get the AI to understand exactly what I was asking for.

A screen shot of the Ki-GPT interface, the engineer has requested an Arduino compatible microcontroller and the AI has provided a 555 timer.

Unfortunately auto-routing is not currently working and it does have a tendency to prefer older components. So I’m not sure it is going to replace the electronics design engineer just yet.

But it is just a first version and I’m sure it will improve with future releases.

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