Making and using a flowerpot furnace for melting aluminium

From disk drive to slabs

From disk drive to slabs

A tip from the Home Foundry and Casting group, indicated that you could get some good quality Aluminium from old computer hard disk drives. Compared to the other options of drinks cans (too small) and old car parts (too big)

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Red Hot – Casting

Red Hot - Casting

This morning the flower pot furnace was lit and I cast my first aluminium. I’d finally got good weather, all the safety gear and tools were finished and I’d sawn up an old strip of aluminium into small chunks to

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Furnace kit

Furnace kit

Given the price of Aluminium in large pieces and the problems with shipping I decided to build a cheap “flowerpot” / “coffeecan” furnace from scrap and cheap materials to do some simple casting which could then be machined. Everyone on

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