Filing Nuts

I was lucky enough to visit the Model Engineer Exhibition at Ascot over the weekend and managed to attend one of the lectures by the chaps in the blue coats from the Society of Model and Experimental Engineers. The talk was about filing and there were some good tips such as using a triangular file to file square holes and the problems about filing a large surface flat.

I bought a few bits and pieces including a new drill vice. The next day I decided to put the teachings into practice and create some T-Nuts so that I can clamp the vice to the bench. The bar was cut to length using an angle grinder then filed square. The shoulders were roughly cut using a hacksaw then filed to size using a triangular file. The hole was pilot drilled at 4mm then drilled at 7mm and tapped. A clamping piece was sawn, filed square and then drilled and tapped to complete the first clamp, one down, 3 to go!

3 thoughts on “Filing Nuts

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