Tools from Apprentices

When I was working for Dowty Group they put me through an extensive programme of training starting with drawing and CAD, electrics and electronics (with a side in brazing) finishing up with machining.

In the machine shop we made a variety of items including a set of centre punches in a case which I’ve been using ever since and a milling vice. Unfortunately I did not have time to finish the vice. Given that it could be a useful little device to have in the workshop it’s on my list of projects to complete. I have to ascertained what the screw pitch size is and work out how to cut that on my lathe (possibly need to buy an obscure die). I think I’ll also make a popular modification which is to cut slots down the sides to facilitate clamping to the drill table.

I was not just Dowty who had excellent apprentice schemes who made useful tools but also Risley Royal Ordnance Factory and Marconi too.

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  1. When I was clearing out some old junk I found the plans for the vice in a folder. I also found some notes on machining with lathe and mill.

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