Taps of a different kind

When I built the drill drawer, I mentioned that I needed to make some trays or dividers. A trip through the bathroom section at Ikea revealed some small boxes from the Molger bathroom range that looked to be just the right size. I bought one and tried it out and it was spot on. The following week I went back and bought another. As well as being exactly the right size for my drawer (internal dimensions 300mm x 400mm) the two boxes are sturdy and made from solid walnut.

Ikea have some great bits that are just crying out for new uses such as this stainless steel knob which took my eye when writing up the article. Some of the parts have dimensions in the online and printed catalogues but others will require a trip to the Ikea shop which handily provides tape measures at the entrance.

If you are into taking Ikea bits and modifying them or adapting them then you should visit the like minded people at Ikea Hacks.

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  1. Mr.Natural says:

    GREAT BLOG! While travelling in New Zealand with my wife, we met a cat who had a book called “BLOKES AND THEIR SHEDS”. Not sure if this is that book, but looks like fun at any rate:


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