Workshops Downunder

On reading the stats for the numbers of visitors from different countries I noticed that there’s a good few people visiting from Australia. A discussion with mate Alan suggested the reason was “.au land has plenty of bodgers”.

Further investigation reveals that the Australians are actively studing the subject. Not only do they have a their own Institute of Backyard Studies but they also have travelling experts in engineering, travelling with a mobile workshop with its own power and full of tools such as grinders, welding torches and a “30-tonne air-over-hydraulic press”. Even their social lives revolve around workshops with a workshop themed bar.

The strangest bodger I’ve found in Australia is Peter “TDU” from Tesla Downunder who’s “work” ranges from photographing enormous spiders to electro magnetic can crushing to high voltage experiments that could get him on the Darwin Awards.

Other Australian Workshops.

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