Gates Report

Metal Gates and fence in place
As mentioned a few weeks back, one of the projects I’ve been working on this year is some salvaged iron gates (from next door). We’ve spend many of the weekends this year stripping off the paint and repainted the gates with some hammerite. You need to ensure you have the correct thinners to clean your brushes as hammerite has more in common with nail polish than it does with regular gloss.

I had also repair one of the lathes by turning a latch pin and brazed that onto the frame.

The short “fence” section was made from short decking panels bolted together with short flats of metal.

I manged to burn out a small angle grinder cutting through the concrete for the posts and was saved by a friendly neighbour with a large grider. However I still have to spend a couple of hours chiselling out a large amount of concrete by hand. Before filling the holes back in the next day. So fitting the posts took another whole weekend. To fix the fence to the rustic wall on the right required me to chisel some channels into the stone for the mounting brackets, partly to give a flat surface and partly because the top “bricks” stuck out more than those at the bottom of the pillar.

The last step is to fit the pedestrian gate and to ensure that the car gates are properly alighed. This can’t be done before the other gate is in place as the post will flex slightly when the other heavy gate is hung on the left.

We are also hoping to replace some of the cracked concrete and cover up the postcrete around the posts.

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