Selecting a welder – TIG vs MIG

Since attending the welding evening class, I’ve been saving up for my own welding machine. To help make a decision, I’ve been reading a variety of books such as Performance Welding

I also found a video from Andy Fogarty the At Home Welder @HomeWelder which explains some of the key differences.


Speed Faster Slower
Ease of use Easier Harder
Initial Cost Lower Higher
Precision Lower Higher
Spatter Yes No
Gas? Flux core wire can be used instead Gas always needed
Post weld cleanup Only needed with gasless Not needed
Filler material? Always Optional
Thermal distortion Higher Lower
Cold starts Yes No
Typical use Garage or workshop Bench

Additional comment from a couple of sources is:

“The wire used in MIG cools harder than in TIG welding, making it harder to hammer and dolly the weld afterwards” as the MIG weld would be more brittle

2 thoughts on “Selecting a welder – TIG vs MIG

  1. Anthony G. says:

    These are very basic differences between mig and tig. I actually work with mig welders and I’m very satisfied with it, but also interested to work with tig, Would it be nice if you could provide a description of the tig or tell me if the decision to work with the tig was correct?

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