Maker interview – Mini Space invaders

Victor Coleiro from Melbourne Australia has made some interesting projects which he’s shared on Youtube and Flickr.

Workshopshed: Victor, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed, how about we start with where you make your projects?

Victor Coleiro: I make all my projects at my home, actually in the living room to my wife’s dismay.

Workshopshed: What kind of tools do you use?

For the 1/12 scale model house I mainly used a balsa wood cutting kit including a miniature mitre saw and balsa cutting knifes. About $800 of balsa wood went into the house and it took about a 1 1/2 years working on it on and off.

For the micro arcade machine the main tools used were: Fine tooth saw, JIgsaw, Cordless drill, Soldering Iron, Hot glue gun and Mini screw driver set.

Workshopshed: Where do you get your parts from for the arcade machines?

Victor Coleiro:Most of the parts I use are sourced of ebay, local electronics shops and online electronic shops.  Hardware tools and materials are mainly sourced from a large Hardware Warehouse chain in Australia called Bunnings; kind of like a Costco but with just Hardware, tools, materials etc.

Workshopshed: In particular where did you get the tiny coin slot for the Galaga?

Victor Coleiro: The coin slot on the Galaga machine is actually part of the plug and play game system that I butchered to make the Bartop arcade machine.  Its a Jakks Pacman plug and play tv game system.  I’m actually trying to model a coin door now to use for a micro cab using micro tactile switches.  Also planning to include an illuminated marquee on a micro cab.

Workshopshed: Do you have a background in model making?

Victor Coleiro: I dont have any model making background. I only started making models really when I built the scale model house which I did to refresh what I had learnt after doing a House Wood framing course; which I did with a mind to using the skills for renovating my home.

Workshopshed: Do you have a background in electronics?

Victor Coleiro: I don’t have a background in electronics, although I did do an electronics class back in high school and have until recently been working as an IT Manager.

In regards to the arcade machine , I guess it was a bit of nostalgia, as I had grown up playing video games in the arcades after school almost everyday up until about the age of 14. Back then I was very into video games and even managed to win the Australian Colecovision video game championship when I was 14 which was televised, but thats a story in itself. Anyway, basically I decided to make Bartop arcade machines initially having been inspired by a few works I had seen on Youtube. I have made 3 of these, 2 Galaga machines and a Space Invaders.

Workshopshed: What’s next?

Victor Coleiro: Either a Micro Racing arcade machine like a Outrun or Daytona with working steering wheel etc or another micro cab using a Caanoo and running mame, maybe a combo of both.

You can see the Galaga machine build photos and the micro space invaders build photos on Victor’s flickr page

All images are copyright Victor Coleiro

12 thoughts on “Maker interview – Mini Space invaders

  1. Tom Larson says:

    This is rather cool.
    If you could buy them, I’d sure as hell have one on my desk at work! haha

    Good post, thanks.

    Sales Manager

  2. Tom, you can buy them, get in contact with Victor via the email address on the youtube video. Be aware you will be paying the price of a custom piece of art rather than a commodity toy manufactured in thousands.

  3. Tom Larson says:

    Ah cracking, will do when I get five minutes!
    Thanks for the info Andy.

    Sales Manager

  4. Sam Young says:

    Is he holding like a Game Disk in one of those photos??

    If so; are there other games available, and what are they?? :D

    Would love my own little arcade :)!



  5. Yes, the mini space invaders works from a hand held games console so you could use a variety of different cartridges to have different games

  6. Jim says:

    That’s great, I wonder if anyone will ever make a MAME machine that size (if that’s even possible).

  7. Potentially you could use a pico itx board running linux and Mame.

    Maybe MAME Cabinet builders wiki would be of help?

  8. Jim says:

    Thanks for the info, looks like it’s more possible than I imagined.

  9. Robert Clarke says:

    Looking good.
    A true miniature blast from the past! :D

    Good job, give this man a cookie!

  10. Security Direct says:

    Very cool and tips or link for some one who wants to get in to electronics (beginner level).

  11. Thanks for sharing this quality information with us. I really enjoyed reading.

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