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Whilst purchasing some Christmas presents for the relatives at Camden Miniature Steam Services I spotted an interesting book called “40 Power Tools You Can Make“.

One of the previews was for a tip from H. Moore, Leeds, England. Having googled H. Moore, I see that he wrote quite a few tips for Popular Mechanics between 1930 and 1950. He even got a mention in American machinist for his tip “Slotted Sleeve on Mandrel Holds Two Pieces”

Search Google Books for H.Moore Leeds Popular Mechanics

When it is necessary to hold two shafts, one directly above the other, for transfering or marking off drilled holes, the job can be done by using a V-block, a tightening clamp and four short pieces of round rod of slightly less diameter than the shafting. One of the shafts is laid in the V-block, two rods are placed on each side, as indicated in the illustration, and finally the top shaft is laid on these, after which the clamp is screwed down to keep the assembly firmly in position.

H. Moore's tip to clamp 2 round rods in a V-block

A second tip was also included but I suspect it will be less useful…

Nuts and bols that are exposed to the weather by be prevented from rusting by applying a coating of asbestos roofing cememt to the threads of the bolts before tightening the nuts.

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