4 Metal Easter Eggs

The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt is having a Grand Finalle in Covent garden and you can see all of the eggs that were previously scatter around the city. Here’s some of my favourite metal eggs, some which are still available in their auction.

Camera Eggscura aka ‘The Geocentric Model’ by Ben Ashton

View through the Camera Eggscura

‘Anima Mundi – ‘Awakening the soul of the world” by Jill Berelowitz

‘Conundrum’ by Maurice Harron – Made hundreds of pieces of 316 stainless steel plate welded together in 2 pieces each edged with a bronze strip, and has a hinge so that it can open.

‘ovum ferrugu’ by Fredrikson Stallard in CorTen steel

‘It is but it isn’t’ by Andrew Sturgeon

2 thoughts on “4 Metal Easter Eggs

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s nice. Why don’t you make one for next year?

  2. The solid ones would be quite challenging and the size also tricky. Perhaps a smaller one or an eggcup?

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