Magnifier Lamp – Wiring up and finishing off

Once the switch and socket were added the lamp was pretty much looking finished. However there were a couple of jobs to finish off.

The base need a bit of varnish, the switch and socket needed wiring and the cables needed some clips to hold them in place.

Care was needed for the wiring as the LEDs are polarised hence needed connecting the right way around. I test it before wiring, and my choice of wiring colours helped. As previously mentioned the wires are multimeter wires as they designed to be rugged and flexible. The varnish was exterior gloss, a hard wearing varnish that will protect the base from knocks. The clips were made from some sheet metal which I believe is aluminium but never did manage to confirm. I made a paper template for these then cut the metal with snips. It was folded around the wood so that it would be the right size. I glued the ends with some epoxy.

The magnifier lamp does work well in my testing but the proof will be when it’s used for some actual work.

Magnifier Lamp (upright) Magnifier Lamp

Magnifier Lamp (Testing)

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  1. Jason Trevino says:

    The good instruction. Thank for sharing.

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