Grout removal

For those who have followed the blog for some time you might remember that back in 2013 / 2014 we stripped out the downstairs shower room to repair a water leak. The tiles/grout removal was a problem and getting the tiles off without causing a cascade of other tiles to fall off or break was a challenge.

Late last year we discovered that the shower was still leaking and the floor was rotten again, so we are kind of back where we started. The plasterboard had been swapped out with concrete backer boards and those have survived very well. We’ve found a builder this time who’s going to properly tank the inside of the cubicle so we don’t get further problems. Also I’ve made a few enquiries about the best way to remove the tiles. I invested in a few tools to do the job a bit more easily this time. The main one was a oscillating multi-tool, I bought some extra blades for this for cutting the grout and the provided blade also made cutting off the sealant a quick job. I also bought an “electricians bolster” which is bigger than a cold chisel but not overly large so could still get into the smaller spaces.


The multi-tool and the diamond “boot” tool made removing the grout an easy job and the bigger chisel took the tiles off easily. Most of the tiles came off in once piece, those that did not were smashed up so that they can be removed in a rubble sack (without the bag ripping). Importantly there was no problem with the adjacent tiles being pulled off.

So we now just need to wait for the builder to put it back together again.

Wall 1
Wall 2

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