Painting the Knight

Earlier in the year, I printed out a new 3D knight model for my Dragon Detector in white ABS. I’ve been looking at different ways of getting this painted and was considering some metallic spray paints. I concluded those were too expensive, as I need to buy a big can. After a bit of research, into painting techniques, I settled on some small pots of model paint.

Prior to painting, I’ve glued the legs into the body. I’ve also primed the parts with some white primer, this smooths out the lines created by the 3D printing process and allows the top coat to stick to the model.


Hopefully I’ll have some time later in the week to get the top coat on. My plan is a metallic colour for the body, legs and head of the knight with a St George cross on the shield. I’ve got two colours of metal so I can experiment a bit.


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