Printer and Shower Repair

Thanks to Devil Printers and a few Ebay sales, I’ve a replacement for the trashed 3D printer head that I destroyed a few weeks back. Thanks to Cel’s headlock design, it’s a really simple job to swap the head so the new head was fitted in about 30s. The Automaker software reminded me to complete a purge before printing anything, this was a good thing as they had used a red filament so that made pink when combined with my white ABS.

I needed something simple to test print. I had recently broken a clip on my shower screen that held the glass in place. So that seemed a good option to print.


It was a simple design, a block with a slotted hole in it. The original had a counter sunk hole but as my screw was pan head, I went for counter bored instead.

I also made the part slightly chunkier than the previous version. To strengthen the tab, I created a fillet. This was created by adding a cube into the corner and then subtracting a cylinder.

The part was printed in white ABS with the large hole facing down. This did mean that the printer was printing on air for a short period so there was a little tidy-up to do. I also use a bit of nail polish remover to smooth out the surfaces before installation.


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