Surprise Maker Parcel

A few weeks back, Alfred Chow – Maker of Things shared with me the idea of the #SurpriseMakerParcel.

The concept is that you get a small box and fill it (upto 2Kg to keep the postage down) full of interesting things for makers. Then send it out for the price of the postage. A bit like those subscription boxes but without the subscription and sharing out other people’s surplus. I find as a maker it’s easy to end up with multiples of a component due to bulk purchases or left over material from a completed project. So this can be a good way of making space as well as helping out a fellow maker.

Alfred has done a great selection with this box and there’s a mix of useful and interesting items. Watch the video for more details.

So what would you want in a Surprise Makers Parcel? Components? Materials? Tools?

3 thoughts on “Surprise Maker Parcel

  1. Tina says:

    First time I’ve come across this idea but what a wonderful way of receiving some new items you may not otherwise have thought of. Plus making some space for them to :) You could easily do this for many hobbies. I know a few crafters that would benefit from this idea!

    I think materials would be great, a potential opportunity to work with something new.

  2. […] guys suggested I submitted my own entry remotely so I found some analogue components from the Surprise Makers Parcel and made a quick video about […]

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