Kilner Jar Repair

A bit of simple kitchen repair this week.

A Kilner jar is a brand of glass jar with a toggle clamp style fastener. It typically has a rubber seal between the glass lid and the glass body. Unfortunately after years being exposed to sunlight the rubber had become brittle and was starting to breakup. Some replacement seals were ordered and I set about swapping them in.

The process is pretty straightforward and is a massive saving on buying a new set of jars.

And now the jar is a good as new and will serve us for many more years.

6 thoughts on “Kilner Jar Repair

  1. Graham Hopper says:

    I have purchased some rubber seals for my jars, but the metal clips are rather tarnished. Can you tell me where I can buy new ones. Regards G Hopper

  2. Mandi says:

    Hi. Can anyone tell me a way to remove a harden seal off the jar. Have a vintage canister set about 40+ years old. The seals are dry rotted but still seal, and are stuck on pretty good. They do need replaced, so I don’t want to leave them. Hard time getting them off. Any ideas welcome. Thank you.

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