The Cold

Over the last couple of weeks, the temperature here in Scotland has dropped below freezing. The coldest night was -6°C and it stayed below zero most days. On the plus side that has meant some snow to play in. But it has also introduced some challenges.


I hadn’t expected the wheelie bins to be an issue but the lids froze shut needing de-icer to open them. Also, the wheels jammed up which meant wheeling them out to the gate required a bit more effort than usual. However, the gravel on the drive did become more solid so it wasn’t all bad.

Gas box

Our gas meter is outside and like the wheelie bins that also froze shut. The catch also became brittle (that could be age too) and when I jiggled it to open it that broke off. I did think about 3D printing a new one but it’s a part with a lot of sheer strain and also the material seems to be something like polypropylene, the closest I have is PTEG which might have worked. So I needed to buy a replacement catch. I’ll give the box a good clean down too once the weather improves.


The car also provided some challenges. The doors were a bit sticky and there was ice on both the outside and inside of the windscreen. We’ve now got a dehumidifier bag to reduce the internal condensation (you microwave it and it then sucks up moisture), apparently, a sock full of kitty litter works the same, thanks to the relatives for that tip.

The biggest issue was that the washer nozzles froze up. Retrospectively looking at the ready mix, I can see why. So I’ve got some ultra-low temperature screen wash to mix into that.

Several people suggested actually using my garage as car storage. That’s not so straightforward as there are still lots of boxes yet to be put away. Also, there’s a 3m ladder to the right of this picture blocking the entrance which I hope to store on the ceiling. Perhaps an option next year?

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