Gates Update

Following the addition of the two tubes to the gate post I need to weld on some end caps and some tabs to fix the post to the wall. As the stick welding had been a bit hit and miss, I returned to the TIG welder to fix these. Mostly this was a straight forward process. I decided to add an internal fillet for the tabs and that did not go so well. I found it difficult to get a good weld pool welding upwards to resorted to welding downwards. I suspect this is a case of needing to practice more but I will check my reference books for additional tips.

Once the welding was done I filled in the old screw holes that had held the planks to the fence. I need to reverse the orientation of this piece and hence the holes are on the wrong side. Once filled the posts could be primed. I had some red oxide primer and gave all the new metal a good coat of that along with some of the rusty parts that I’d prepped with the angle grinder.

The last steps is to give it a coat of black paint then it can be installed. I’ve some postcrete to form concrete pads for the base. Might be a fun challenge getting all 3 level.

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